Sunday, January 16, 2011

Four Legends of Shani Shingnapur

Shani Shingnapur village is famous in all over India due to Shani Dev. There are some legends about the village. The Legends are

"There is God, but no temple."
"There is a home, but no door."
"There is a tree, but no shade."
"There is fear, but no enemy."

1. There is God, but no temple :
God Shanidev does not want to live in the Shade of anything. We can see that in Shani- Shingnapur village. There is no roof above the divine idol of God Shani dev. God Shani is omnipresent here. Whether it is a time of rain, sun, cold or storm, without a roof, God Shani stands here all the time and protects the people and visitors of Shingnapur. Many time people tried to make roof at this place but they could not succeed. This place of worship is open all the time. I think this is only a religious place in India which has no roof.
In Shani Shingnapur, We can see the power of God but we can’t see the Temple. So people say
that “There is God but no temple”.

2. There is a home, but no door :Home is one of the primary needs of human being. In all over world, Home is necessary for our happiness and prosperity. We also install a door to such house and sleep without care. But in Shingnapur village, we can see totally different. There are homes but no door. I think this is only a place not in India but all over the world where houses have no doors & window. In Shingnapur Village, people are also very good. By the grace of God Shanidev nobody installs doors & windows to their houses. Whenever anybody tried to install a door in his houses, he did not succeed & he faced some loss or problem. So in Shingnapur area, houses have no doors & window.

3. There is a tree, but no shade :
When we hear this legend we do not believe on this but it is true that in the north side of God Shani’s idol, there was a neem tree. But unfortunately we can’t see this tree because this was pulled down 14 to 15 years back. Many devotees & villagers of this village say that when the branches of this tree would grow as long as to come over the idol. With the effect of Shanidev Branches would get burnt to ashes. The shade of tree never came on the idol. So, people say that there is a tree nearby the Shanidev but no shade.
4. There is fear, but no enemy :In our society, people fear from Hindu God Shani Dev because they don’t know anything about his good nature. I think, Shanidev is not our enemy but our friends. He helps to the people for their good work & punishes them for their wrong work. Then he is a justice.
Based on experiences of many Devotees we can say that Shanidev is not our enemy but our friend.

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