Monday, January 17, 2011

God Shani Dev Worship

God Shani Dev worship
1. After a pure bath, men should go to the Shani Dev temple dressed in a wet cloth.
2. Women cannot go to the temple.
3. One must remove the cap or head gear and then pray God Shanidev.

Items should required for the pooja of Lord Shani Dev.
Minimum any four of these following items are require for Abhishek of God Shani Dev. All these items are available near Shani dev Temple.

1. Rice, Black ‘til’ & Black string.
2. Black flowers and leaves, Incense sticks.
3. Lamps.
4. Mustard oil.
5. Sweets offerings, dried dates, dried coconut,
6. Summer fruits.
7. The leaves of ‘rui’ tree.
8. Camphor. 10. Photo of God Shanidev’s
9. Packets made from oil.
10. Black ‘urud.’
11. Clove.
12. Elaichi, Pan, Supari.
13. Holy water Or you can take Ganga water also.
14.Coconut, horse-shoe of iron .

Why is God Shani worshipped?
1. If Shani is coming into your ‘rasi’
2. If you are afflicted by Sade Saathi.
3. If there is ‘adayya’ in your ‘rasi.’
4. If you are suffering from the gaze of God Shani
5. If you are suffering from incurable diseases like Cancers, AIDS, Kidney, Leprosy, Paralysis, Heart ailments, Diabetes, Skin ailments and are fed up, then you should most certainly worship God Shanidev with ‘abhishek’.
6. If you do any good work then you should go for bless of Shanidev
7. If you are working in anything such as connected to iron, travel, trucks, transport, oil, petroleum, medical, press and courts.
8. If in your occupation is related to commerce and there is loss in business and worry thereof.

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