Monday, January 17, 2011

Saturday Fast Story

In our Hindu society, it is believed that many problems which we faced in our general life are caused due to the displeasure of Shanidev. A short story given below demonstrates the need to keep Sahnidev propitiated.

There was a small village. In this village, lived a poor Brahmin with his family. He had three daughters-in-law. During the rainy season, Brahmin used to get up early in morning, have his Breakfast and leave for the farm. As a routine, he had given the house-hold responsibilities to the youngest daughter-in-law. It was Shravan (5th month as per hindu calendar) month. On the first Saturday of the month, Brahmin told to his youngest daughter-in-law that today is Saturday, go upstairs, take some food grains and grind them to prepare the roties and kenakurdu vegetables. She followed the instructions. She went to upstairs but she found that there were not an enough grains to prepared roti. She prepared the food whatever the grains and waited for her father-in-law.

After a very short time, God Shanidev appeared in front of the lady in the form of a leper and requested to the lady that his entire body is aching, so please apply oil and bathe him with hot water and thereafter give him some food to eat. The lady had sympathy for him. She applied oil and bathed him with hot water, after that she gave him the food and thus quenched his hunger and thirst. When leper was going, he blessed her that she will never fell short of anything in the life. After some time, the father-in-law came home and saw an excellent preparation of food and happily wondered as to how this happened when there was very little in the home.

On the next Saturday, the Brahmin told the second daughter-in-law to be at home and left for the farm. As like first time, again shanidev appeared in the guise of a leper and requested to the second daughter-in-law to bathe and to serve the some food, but this young lady told him that there was nothing in the house to offer him. Shanidev became angry with her answer and cursed her and said, “Whatever you have would vanish”. Saying this word shanidev left home. The lady went up and found that there was nothing in the pots. The father-in-law came back home and she informed him that there is nothing for the supper. They scolded her. Then she narrated the whole story of leper.

On the third Saturday, the Brahmin said to the third daughter-in-law to manage the home and preparation of food. As usual, again shanidev appeared in disguise and requested the young lady to serve, but the lady followed the suit of the second one with a negative approach. The result was the same as second daughter-in-law. The lady was very sad for the incident. Again on the fourth Saturday, the Brahmin had given responsibility of house to the youngest daughter-in-law and left for the field. As usual God shani dev again came in the guise of a leper and requested to serve. The lady heartily bathed him and gave the food to his satisfaction. Shani dev became happy and blessed her that all her desires would be fulfilled and she will remain happy in her whole life. After blessing to her, Shanidev has vanished. After that the lady went up again and found ample food grains etc. She cooked a sumptuous supper for the whole family. The Brahmin families were happy to have the food and asked her that from where she got all the grocery. The lady told them all the story of the leper. Listening to story, they were quite happy.

As suddenly the Brahmin found a bundle of Patravali (A leaf in which the food was served). He opened the bundle and got diamonds and pearls in it. He enquired of other daughter-in-law about the leper, they informed that the leper had come to them twice but they did not give him anything. The leper got angry and after that everything vanished from house. The Brahmin advised them to keep fast on Saturday and helped to needy people. He also offered prayers to Shanidev and asked blessing for all his family.


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