Monday, January 17, 2011

Shingnapur Village Information

Where is Shani shingnapur

Shani Shingnapur is a village which is famous for God Shani Dev and pilgrimage centre apart from its door-less secrecy. Shingnapur is located in Ahmednagar district in Maharastra (India). It is about 36 km from Ahmedanagar and 6 km from Ghodegaon which is situated on Aurangabad-Ahmedanagar highway. From Ghodegaon, there is a motorable tar road leading to the Shani dev temple. In Maharastra State, ST buses (State transport) ply regularly to Shinganapur from Ahmednagar and other District.

About Shani Shingnapur Village

In this Land of Shani Dev, the divinity of Lord Shani is self appeared from earth in form of black but impressive stone. Here, Temple of Shani Dev is without any roof. The houses of Shingnapur & all around area don't have any doors & windows because here thieves are supposed to become blind immediately if they steal. In this Shingnapur, nobody dares to steal anything because it is believed that if they do so God Shani Dev (Local divinity), punishes them. This is also believes that if a person is bitten by a snake in Shinganapur and is brought near the idol and a ritual is performed, the poison of snake becomes neutralized.

In shingnapur village, Road, vehicle, arrangement for devotee was not available. Here were a lot of trees, huts and grasslands. But now due to comfort of devotees there are tar roads, staying places and food arrangements . The population of this village is about 3000. Now, with the help of villagers and devotees the Trust made with God Shani Dev.

Diffrence of Old Shingnapur And New shingnapur

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