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What is Sade Saathi ?

Introduction of Sade Saathi :
In Vedic astrology, Sade Saathi has many names, like Sade Saathi, musibathi, shanichari, aafath etc. Nature is well understood by the science of astrology. There are many classes of astrology in our society. Vedic astrology, industrial astrology, personal astrology etc. are the examples of astrology. But in this astrology, the study of Rasi and the effect of planets have an important role. In the science of astrology, all the conditions of human being are affected by the combination of planets in a group. Every planet has a special role. Happiness and sorrow play hide and seek in man’s life. It is presume that planet Shani has place of the “planet of sorrow”.

Saade Saathi is the period when planet Shani, transits through the 12th, 1st, & 2nd house from the natal moon. Sade Saathi is a period of 7 ½ years, which means that planet Shani takes 2 ½ years to travel each sign(Rasi), as one revolution of Saturn around the Sun takes 30 Years, so it will stay in a 30˚ slot or in one house for a period of 2 ½ years. Planet Shani transit through 3 houses is called “Sade Saathi” (2 ½ x 3= 7 ½). Therefore, this patch of 7 ½ years is known to bring suffering, sorrows & bad luck. This is known by people as “Sade Saathi”.

In Vedic astrology, this journey is assumed particularly important because this transit is supposed to show difficult results either to the native or the native’s relatives. Many astrologers say, that the native who is transit through Sade Saathi, will earn defamation, ill luck & failures in all spheres of life.

Effects of Sade Saathi :
Generally it is shown that, In the Man’s life, Sade-Saathi comes thrice in a horoscope. First is in childhood, second is in youth & last is in old age. The First Sade Saathi effects on education & parents of native. Second Sade Saathi effects on profession, finance & family and the last one affects on health more than anything else.

The effects of “Sade Saathi” are common for all human being or creatures. Then, whether they are saints, great people, spiritualists, Gods or godly people, etc. all have them have the same effect. Whether it is king Veer Vikramaditya, Nala Damayanti & people of any kinds, the effect of it is the same for all. Generally, the effect of Sade Saathi will be shown on Aquarius, Capricorn and Pisces Rasi.

Remedies of Sade Saathi :
Following are the some preventive remedies of sade saathi effects.
1) Ill effect of Shani’s sade saathi can be reduced by giving alms of black cloth, black mole (Til), leather shoes, cereals or iron as per your capacity.
2) Perform pooja of God Shani Dev on Saturday.
3) Recite mantra of Lord Shani Dev on Saturday.
4) Keep fast on Saturday.
5) Restrict your food to Urad pulse, grams, gram flour, black mole (Til), black salt etc.
6) To wear blue sapphire weighing 5 1/4 Ratti or more set in gold or Panchdhatu. (Panchdhatu means mixture of Gold, Silver, Copper, Iron, & Zinc)
7) You should also wear an iron ring made of horse-shoe or nail made from a boat. Wear ring in middle finger of right hand. Before wearing the ring, Keep fast on Saturday, Clean ring in holy water or Ganga’s water, light incense stick, perform pooja and recite mantra 108 times. After wearing the ring give alms. This will reduce the ill effects of Saturn giving peace and prosperity.

Sade saathi Ring

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