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A simple person having Blind Faith in My Almighty Shani Dev ji. Shani Dev proved their existence in my life and has helped me in crucial situations. I am still there just because of Shani Dev. Jai Shani Dev !! ..... I believe in One Thing "Try to do your level best to help those who are in need & everybody whomsoever is there in your contact" Do something Great as per Rules of GOD, so that GOD come to your place to meet you regularly, you need not go to any Shani Dhaam. Make your Heart "the SHANI DHAAM" and order, yes order him, with Power of your LOVE towards him, that "GOD come to my HEART and lives till I am on Earth." Believe me, If you are TRUE to him and this WORLD, he'll follow your this order with a smile. " THIS IS ALL MY EXPERIENCE " I AM REALLY gratified TO MY SHANI DEV JI. MAY HE BLESS YOU ALL. JAI SHANI DEV !!!!!!!

One Most Important Point, If you love Shani Dev and want to reach or see him, please follow some rules created by SHANI DEV JI

1)    Love all animals and never hurt nor hate them.
2)    Give food to animals AS PER your pocket allows BUT do it with Heart.
3)    Be honest & kind to people at most you can.
4)    Respect Ladies/Girls and elders.

5)  After that, Build relation with Shani Dev like Brother, Son.
Regular call him with this relation

Like I call him    SHANI BHAI

This is my personal experience, If you do follow above rules, Shani Dev will Personally Visit your place and will be forced to be with you.

If you Love Shani Dev & follow above rules, You can ORDER, yes YOU CAN ORDER  HIM with your power of LOVE to visit your place.

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